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Do States with Fewer Campaign Finance Regulations Have More Corruption?

May 24, 2023  •  By Alec Greven  •    •  , ,

New research finds that states ranking highly for free political expression are not highly ranked states for corruption. In fact, states that have the most robust free expression protections have lower rates of per capita corruption than the national average.

Institute for Free Speech Mourns Passing of James L. Buckley

August 18, 2023  •  By IFS Staff

The Institute for Free Speech is saddened by the passing of former U.S. Senator James L. Buckley.

Institute for Free Speech Sues Texas Ethics Commission Over Ban on Pro Bono Work

August 7, 2023  •  By IFS Staff  •  ,

A recent TEC opinion prohibits pro bono legal services for candidates and political committees if they are provided by nonprofit corporations

Fund the Fight for Free Speech


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