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FEC Draft Rule on Internet Communications Disclaimers Needs More Work

November 16, 2022  •  By Brad Smith and David Keating  •    •  , ,

Share via: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email More Update: On November 28, FEC Chairman Allen Dickerson and Commissioner Shana Broussard submitted a revised draft of the proposed final rule. The revised draft, which was approved December 1 on a 5-0 vote (Commissioner Ellen Weintraub abstained), resolved the concerns noted in I through III below. Regarding the small items exception we discuss…

2022 Midterm Election Cases Again Show that Money Cannot Buy Elections

December 13, 2022  •  By Alec Greven  •  

While there were many interesting results in this year’s 2022 midterms, the claim that money can simply buy elections was notably dealt another serious ...

The Buckeye Institute Files Lawsuit Challenging IRS Collection of Donor Data

December 5, 2022  •  By IFS Staff  •  ,

The Buckeye Institute, an Ohio-based think tank, today filed a lawsuit challenging a decades-old tax law that forces the IRS to demand that nonprofit ...

Fund the Fight for Free Speech


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